What is Shop Fitting?


What is Shop Fitting?

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To those in the industry it might sound a stupid question although to those not involved it is perhaps not as straightforward and conjures up all sorts of ideas from those that are fairly accurate to those that are out and out bizarre. One would imagine that like many other sectors if you are not actively involved or need their services you have no reason to know. After all, there are many other professions that many people are unsure what it entails so why should shop fitting be any different?

In layman’s terms, shop fitting “is the trade of fitting out retail and service shops and stores with equipment, fixtures and fittings.” However, the trade can also apply to the fitting out of other premises such as doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, hypermarkets and well, quite literally any building that requires fixtures and fittings.

A shop fitter can be involved at all levels but is usually involved with putting plans into practice although they are often involved at the design stage as well. Typically, a shop fitter would work with professionals such as interior designers, sign writers and manufacturers of bespoke furniture as the fittings tend to be ‘built in’. Sometimes these roles are outsourced but often they are within the same company.

The whole process usually begins with a site survey that involves the measuring of the premises and checking available space. They will draw up some plans that would be submitted to the client for discussion and ultimately approval. Some clients will have their own plans drawn up but this is becoming a much rarer occurrence with shop fitters who can act as ‘a one stop shop’ whereby they doing everything from planning to completion are increasingly popular.

Shop fitters will usually be required to purchase or make all the equipment and fixtures and fittings that are required. They will deliver and install all items and basically do everything until the shop is ready for daily operation. Often, different shops even within the same chain have completely different requirements. This often involves shop fitters working in conjunction with marketing teams who may want to add their input to increase the stores marketability. Any shop fitter needs an awareness of current trends and styles and general things that will draw customers in.

There are lots of shop fitters around and the quality varies from individual to individual so it always pays to do your research. As with anything, shop fitters with a level of longevity tend to be the ones who are the best as; “in a competitive market only the best survive”. Shop around and get different quotes but often the cheapest is not always the best. This is not something that is worth corner cutting with so use common sense and try and get others advice who have worked with the company previously.

One of the best shop fitting companies in Perth is ITECT Construction who has been around for some 15 years and knows the industry inside out. If you are interested in using their services contact us.

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